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Upper eyelids Surgery Springfield, MA - Springfield, MA

Love my eyelids! Dr. Covici did an amazing job. He is another Picasso (or at least my Picasso) He is very professional, caring, courteous. I couldn't be happier and best of all he takes insurances'. My insurance covered only one eye, (the eye that had more droopiness) and I had to pay for the... READ MORE

Polavarapu Doll ;) - NYEE Teaching Hosp, NY (WORTH IT)

I am a 40 year old mom of three girls and a grandma of a 3 year old boy. I would love to have definition and hourglass shape and be super flat, so I can wear my dresses without shape wear/ girdles under. I think Dr. Polavarapu along with Dr. Sonita Sadio can do an excellent job. Im excited... READ MORE

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Just email or inbox one of the managers and they'll change the doctors name for you. Girl I'm very excited for you!! Maybe I should call for some more work ;D READ COMMENT

Did you tried Benadryl??? Some of the girls take it and it helps them. (I have read from a few Schulman & Fisher vets that's what they took and it helped) READ COMMENT

Whats is the info on the garment you have on the last pics. You look great!! Looking forward to more pics :D thanks for sharing and may you continue to heal. READ COMMENT

Good luck with everything! :-) READ COMMENT

No offense here! Tell it like is. Your not lying, I myself had to loose 60 pounds to start my transformation. Did my tt and whenever I can, booty and boobs will follow. You look awesome!! :-) READ COMMENT