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Unoq, I am so sorry that you are suffering from this procedure too. READ COMMENT

Total Sadness, It looks like there are too many of us out there who have devastating complications from this muscle hemming lip lift. One of the surgeons that I saw in Beverly Hills after I had my procedure showed me a picture of a... READ COMMENT

Seattle, I have been thinking a long time about lovelifes response to you and it is really quite disturbing. Her response was discussed on another plastic surgery site and its important for you to know that everyone believes that you... READ COMMENT

Hi Oradia, I am sorry that you had complications from his lip lift too. I too am suffering with many many problems. I will pray for you. There comes a time when there is nothing more left to do. READ COMMENT

You seem a very "clever poster" here on Reslself. Interesting how you decided to leave a post that does not make any sense. Her surgery was 3 years ago. I doubt things will settle down. Sloppy work is sloppy work. READ COMMENT