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I Just Had my First of 6 Refirme Treatments - Albuquerque, NM

What motivated me was I am really feeling bad about my appearance since I noticed this like turkey wattle under my chin last year. also my jowls were a little looser. I have had a mini-lift 4 years ago and it seems to be wearing out. Since I do not have the money for another facelift. I opted... READ MORE

Questions from watkins1

I lost 12 lbs 2 months after my ultherapy treatment. will this ruin the result permanently?

I have no photos, but I am hoping because it was only 2- 21/2 post ulthera that it will get back to the GOOD result I had at the 2 month mark. now my under chin sag is back... READ MORE

Are at-home 3MHZ ultherapy machines that penetrate to 4.5 cm effective?

I am considering purchasing the above mentions unit from the orient. it penetrate 4.5 cm, is 3 MHZ in power .I realize not as strong as the REAL thing! but would it BE... READ MORE

Does a 1.5 transducer treat laxity from weight loss and cause welts?

I was getting a retouch to lower face this is the area sje yreayed with only the 1.5 after weight loss.i have no photos. Bit I have researched the procedures an never heard of... READ MORE

Does 1.5 transducer really used to treat laxity post weight loss?

I got my lower face/chin/ upper neck 6 months ago at Ideal Image med spa. I was had FANTASTIC results post 2 1/2 months. caught an entera-virus at work (I'm an RT) ,lost 15... READ MORE

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Hey, Becky you look GREAT!!! I am only 2 weeks out so still pretty sore and tingly! I only had had my lower face and chin done, will have full neck in 6 months if this works. if it works for ,me as much as for you I will be happy! Lila READ COMMENT

Cool!! I am 55 and have had multiple procedures prior to this, I am ALSO sore to touch a week out ! nice to know that is normal. I could only finance my lower face /chin. will go back in December to do neck! Really O.K. since that way I... READ COMMENT

Hi Jill! Treatments are 4 weeks apart. I will keep you abreast of how its going throughout treatment series. READ COMMENT

Yes I had my first Refirme treatment. on my eyes, neck lower face and neck. WOW! they took after pics because I had such a good result!! I am totally happy with this treatment and American Laser Med Spas !! Oh I am 53 yrs. old READ COMMENT