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White scars from laser, why?

I had Palomar erbium non ablative fractional laser 6 months ago and I am left with white fine slightly raised scars, a dent in middle of forehead by hairline(widows peak area)... READ MORE

Skin texture awful after non ablative fractional laser I'm so depressed?

I have already been informed by a doctor on this site that white lines over the face is most probably due to being treated too aggressively and settings were too high. Would... READ MORE

Does laser permanently damage and alter your skin?

What causes the orange peel texture when you've had laser? is it being treated too aggressively? shallow scarring,lines from laser head,grid texture also please help why has... READ MORE

Filler to outer lip line left me with blue tinted lips and it's lumpy 4years after

Hi I had restylane injected to my upper and lower lips jut around the soon as he'd done it I noticed it was like a white lump all round the edge almost like a... READ MORE

Can you have hair loss from fractional lasers?

Can the palomar emerge 1410 wavelength damage hair follicles? I have scarring along my hairline and into my hairline from the laser head and my hair has gone very thin in these... READ MORE

Can the palomar emerge 1410 laser cause fat loss, damage hair follicles and create millions of micros holes and scars in skin

I seem to have fat loss,holes all over skin laser head scars redness and dents after Emerge non ablative 1410nm laser. 4 treatments highest setting being level 5 on last... READ MORE

Loss of volume after laser?

Can a 1410 wavelength fractional diode non ablative laser cause fat loss and scarring. Also have bad skin texture and a mass of pinholes still 15mths after. READ MORE

Was my fat loss in cheeks caused by palomar emerge fractional laser?

My cheeks have sunken in after 4 laser treatments 1410 wavelength . Does this wavelength go into the fat layer? Level 5 highest setting was used READ MORE

Best treatment for laser damage?

Its been 19months scince i had fractional laser treatment. My skin is ruined. Scars dents pinholes from the laser. A doctor has suggested sculptra will this help does it work READ MORE

I have pinholes 19 months after Fractional laser. Any suggestions?

19 months after fractionsl laser i still have pinholes all over my chin,one cheek and forehead. Im using Dr Aspect exfol a serum and have had 6 microdermabrasions in total with... READ MORE

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Bad experience with laser

It's been 6 months scince I had palomar erbium non ablative fractional laser, my skin is awful grid marks still,scarring in the skin, white raised swirly lines I am devastated... READ MORE

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Yes i am in Perth im seeing a plastic surgeon tomorrow for advice in Cottesloe Perth. How are you doing. Ive read your comments and really feel for you. It is a living nightmare READ COMMENT

I am 19 months post fractional laser still have pinholes everywhere. I csn tell they are scars in the skin. In using Dr Aspect exfol A serum and have had 6 microdermabrasions so far with no improvement. Ive read that a full ablative... READ COMMENT

Cosmedical Skin Solutions have told me they have not photoshopped any of my pictures, I therefore apologise for saying this may have been the case. READ COMMENT

The post I put on the 11th January about beauticians doing one day courses so they can use lasers was in no way directed at the staff of Cosmedical Skin Care solutions. This was a post that I thought would be helpful to anyone thinking... READ COMMENT

I have today been to Cosmedical Skin Solutions and collected my notes which show all my treatments. The owner did confirm that the settings input on to their system are correct and have not been altered. Once they have been input they... READ COMMENT