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SMAS Face and Neck Lift with Fat Transfer - La Jolla, CA

Im 57 years old and I didnt hate my face which made this decision especially difficult. I should say I didnt hate my face in the mirror! When I hated it was in photos that I didnt take myself, in the angle that I didnt choose. If it was a pic I didnt take I found that person to be someone I... READ MORE

Questions from MamaGun

Is my daughter a good candidate for lap band surgery?

Daughter has dieted before but never lost weight despite following diets to a fault, why?? because she will NOT exercise! She's totally sedentary! I wonder if, even with a lap... READ MORE

Hello, I got a SMAS lift and neck lift with fat transfer to the eye-cheek trough and sides of chin. That was 5 days ago on 3/26.

I am still more swollen than ever! My eyes are completely swollen up! No bruises, just a lot of edema. I am on day 5 of sitting on my duff and I have had enough!! Since the... READ MORE

Must I have general anesthesia for fat transfer or is there an alternative?

I'm 2 months post facelift and fat transfer to eye troughs. I still have some hollowing under my eyes and troughs. My doc says I'd have to go completely under anesthesia for... READ MORE

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Thanks, you do look great! I have had a facelift and fat transfer and have had fillers for over 5 years yet having resty in the eye area makes me nervous...weird right? But I am going to call for an appt tomorrow and do it....My doc has... READ COMMENT

Hi Chellamia, I had the pearl fractional laser. Lots of bad reviews and I guess I can understand it because it does take a LONG time for the redness to go away but I love the tightness that it did to my eyes! Yes I did do upper and... READ COMMENT

Hi Netalia, Sorry, I just saw this comment. I would love to do some photo swapping. Unfortunately the only way RS allows it is to swap personal emails. I dont mind if you dont and if you want to PM me with it will work. I will go ahead... READ COMMENT

You look great!! very smooth!! Im thinking of doing this too. Over all everyone seems happy! I had a facelift 2 months ago with fat transfer to the eye area and doc was either too conservative or the fat was reabsorbed but I have these... READ COMMENT

Hi! I am half Lebanese as well and when you said your problem was hereditary I wondered if it were a Lebanese thing :D I have this same thing going on! I just had a facelift and some fat transfer and my surgeon, being overly cautious,... READ COMMENT