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SMAS Face and Neck Lift with Fat Transfer - La Jolla, CA

Im 57 years old and I didnt hate my face which made this decision especially difficult. I should say I didnt hate my face in the mirror! When I hated it was in photos that I didnt take myself, in the angle that I didnt choose. If it was a pic I didnt take I found that person to be someone I... READ MORE

Questions from MamaGun

Is my daughter a good candidate for lap band surgery?

Daughter has dieted before but never lost weight despite following diets to a fault, why?? because she will NOT exercise! She's totally sedentary! I wonder if, even with a lap... READ MORE

Hello, I got a SMAS lift and neck lift with fat transfer to the eye-cheek trough and sides of chin. That was 5 days ago on 3/26.

I am still more swollen than ever! My eyes are completely swollen up! No bruises, just a lot of edema. I am on day 5 of sitting on my duff and I have had enough!! Since the... READ MORE

Must I have general anesthesia for fat transfer or is there an alternative?

I'm 2 months post facelift and fat transfer to eye troughs. I still have some hollowing under my eyes and troughs. My doc says I'd have to go completely under anesthesia for... READ MORE

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I dont think you are silly! I had mine done last year at 57 and honestly, I wish I had done it sooner! I always thought lifts made people looked like pulled dolls but having seen the wonderful results on this site and how gorgeous the... READ COMMENT

I couldnt chew for probably a good month. I was getting worried that that pain would never go away. It was great from my diet though! But I finally could chew and then I went over board and still paying the price! You are looking great! READ COMMENT

Gosh that stinks!! I dont think the surgeons are very up front about the percentage of failure on the fat transfers! I dont think ANY of it stayed on me! I kept telling my doc I needed resty put here and there because those areas seemed... READ COMMENT

You did a great job with all the before photos but I can hardly see where you needed much improvement BUT I bet after the swelling you are going to be soooo gorgeous! Dont worry about the tired. You body needs the rest, so dont fight it... READ COMMENT

You will love it, IF it stays...unfortunately it did not stay with me....I looked great for about a month and then it all got reabsorbed and the hollows were back :( So I went to my surgeon and asked if he could repeat, No not without... READ COMMENT