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Dr Cabral ALL THE WAY!!!

So I have scouted, obessed and been on a quest to get a new body, the RIGHT body for about 7 years now. After the birth of my first child I lost all form of shape and curves replaced by sagging breast, butt, and stretch marks. I am hoping to get Liposculpturing, BBL and a Breast Aug from a 34 C... READ MORE

Questions from Yummybody

Do I really need to get a Tummy Tuck or will Liposculturing surfice? (photo)

I have one child, I want a flat stomach without the extra skin and stretch marks but I am scared of the hideous scar as a result of getting a Tummy Tuck. READ MORE

Will I have enough fat for a TummyTuck and BBL or should I gain about 15-20lbs? (photos)

I'm currently 5'5" and 148lbs and I want to gain about 15-20lbs in approximately 50 days so I'm planning on gaining about 2-3lbs per day by trying to intake at least 3,000... READ MORE

What size implant or how many CCs will it take to give me my desire outcome? (photo)

I will be getting a Breast Lift and Augmentation and I would like to be a 34D. READ MORE

Will it best best for me to have my breast augmentation under or over the breast? (photo)

I want to have a breast lift and a breast augmentation I would like my breast to look as natural as possible without a visible scar. I would like to be a 34D afterwards. READ MORE

Subglandular or Submuscular Breast Augmentation ? Thank You. (photos)

Hello I would like to know which Breast Augmentation procedure would be best for me based on the current condition breast, a subglandular procedure or a submuscular procedure... READ MORE

Too many procedures at once?

Is it okay to have procedures at once or is it too much trauma on your body to have a tummy tuck, Breast Aug, and BBL all at once? READ MORE