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Brow lift for an 18-year-old? (photo)

My eyelids are hooded and look much better when my eyebrows are raised, so I raise them all the time but this gives me headaches. It is genetic. When I'm not raising my... READ MORE

Thick nasal skin? Large pores, blackheads. Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I understand the only way to know is through a consultation, but when I asked a surgeon I went to, he acted like it wasn't that important and that there was no way to determine... READ MORE

Area where botox injected is white, is this normal?

I recently had a botox brow lift performed. Ironically, the day before I received the botox, I started highlighting my brow bone with a lighter eyeshadow. Now, that area is... READ MORE

Is 10 units for each side enough for a botox brow lift?

I had 10 units of BOTOX injected into each side a week ago. I feel like it didn't much of a difference (or any at all). Is 10 units the usual amount for a botox brow lift? READ MORE

Is glabella typically treated during botox brow lift?

I received botox injections to lift the lateral brows, but I think part of the problem is the glabella. Is the glabella typically addressed in a standard botox brow lift and... READ MORE

Will Botox injections to the forehead (glabella) make it harder to concentrate?

This is a weird question, but I've heard people frown when thinking hard about something and it makes it easier to concentrate. I read that frowning activates the critical part... READ MORE

Can glabella botox lift medial/inner brows?

I raise my eyebrows a lot because it looks better and my brows/eyelids feel heavy otherwise. I recently had botox to lift the lateral brows, but the medial brows are also quite... READ MORE

Botox for depressor septi nasi muscle?

My nose droops down when I smile, which I don't like. However, I am concerned how this will affect my smile, in addition to my flute playing and whistling. Besides keeping my... READ MORE

Are there Brow Lift options without bad side effects?

I'm 18 and my eyebrows look much better raised, so I raise them all the time. If I don't, I look tired/mad/bored. I like how they look raised. I tried botox, that didn't work.... READ MORE

Pretrichial brow lift: 18 years old?

3 doctors said no to brow lift (too young & brows already above orbital rim). Already tried botox (no success). Even though brows are above orbital rim, I look angry/sad/bored... READ MORE

Would you do a brow lift on an 18-year-old? (photo)

3 docs said no to brow lift (too young, brows already above orbital rim). Already tried botox (no success). Even though brows already above orbital rim, I look mad/sad/tired if... READ MORE

What is the anatomical difference between my eyes/eyelids and hers? (photos)

What is the anatomical difference between my cousin's eyes and mine? Her eyelids are very large (lot of lid space). I have much less visible eyelid. Are my eyes more deep set... READ MORE

Which Chicago doctors perform trichophytic brow lifts?

Chicago is the closet location for me to get a brow lift, but I am having trouble finding surgeons who perform trichophytic brow lifts. Most seem to perform only coronal and... READ MORE

Do I appear to have eyelid ptosis? (Photo)

I constantly raise my eyebrows and if I don't, it looks really unattractive and I feel my vision is obstructed. My brows are raised in the first photo (a bit too much though)... READ MORE

Is it possible to address my Eyelid Ptosis correction in conjunction with a Brow Lift?

I've been wanting to get a brow lift, but I also appear to have eyelud ptosis as well. If I find a good plastic surgeon, it seems I would need to find an oculoplastic surgeon... READ MORE

Fillers for 18-year-old with oral commissures? (photos)

I'm only 18, but I have marionnete lines that are getting a lot worse. Would fillers like juvederm or restylane solve the problem? I'm female, by the way. READ MORE

Do I appear to have eyelid ptosis in addition to brow ptosis? (photos)

Would a brow lift alone help, or is eyelid ptosis also contributing to my issue? I'm worried I cannot find a surgeon who could perform both at the same time, especially if I... READ MORE

Are my marionette lines a result of volume loss in cheeks? (Photo)

I'm only 18, but the corners of my mouth really turn down and it's getting worse as I've gotten older. I also have slight nasolabial folds. Would this be fixed by adding volume... READ MORE

I want a smaller nose with refine look. Are my goals for rhinoplasty realistic/achievable? (photos)

I have photos below that I've made modifications to. I do not want a drastic change, like an upturned scoop nose. I just want my nose smaller and more refined, while still... READ MORE

Can Botox be injected into the procerus only?

Can I get botox in the procerus only, and not the corrugator muscle? If so, what would be the result? Would it help to lift the medial brows? I'm worried botox in the... READ MORE

How much does an Endoscopic Brow Lift raise the hairline, in millimeters? (photos)

As much as 1 cm? Or more like just 1-2 mm? Would it raise it as much as the simulated photo on the right? The one on the left is my natural hairline with brows raised and the... READ MORE

Will an Endoscopic Brow Lift raise the hairline more than 1-2 mm?

One doc told me it would only raise my hairline about 1-2 mm and that this wouldn't be noticeable. Is this true, or does it get raised significantly more? Thanks! READ MORE

Would an upper lip lift help my teeth show more when smiling? (photos)

This is an odd question, but is there a way to make my smile a little gummier? Unless I really force it and slightly scrunch my nose, my teeth don't really show when smiling. I... READ MORE

Is Botox to glabella and crows feet dangerous to eyesight since you can't squint/frown to block the sunlight?

People naturally squint/frown in the sunlight to shield their eyes from the bright light. People in need of a browlift or eyelid surgery may actually complain of visual... READ MORE

What type of brow lift would give this result? (Photo)

I always raise my eyebrows, whether conscious or subconscious, but it really gives me bad tension headaches. I sort of lift my ears, too, if that makes any sense. When doing... READ MORE

Is my upper eyelid fullness youthful or does it age me? Would a brow lift with bleparoplasty be best? (Photo)

Hollow upper eyelids supposedly age a face and upper eyelid fullness is youthful, but saggy, puffy lids also look old. I always raise my eyebrows so my eyes aren't puffy/saggy... READ MORE

Is it okay to use pore strips after rhinoplasty?

I'm getting close to the 6 month mark but not quite. I had a kenalog injection the day after thanksgiving, and it helped immensely with the swelling, but I used a pore strip to... READ MORE

What is the difference between lower eye bags and tear trough deformity?

Is there a difference between the two? Both appear to create a groove and it seems both are sometimes corrected with filler. Thanks. READ MORE

What do you suggest to remove peach fuzz on face (female)? (photos)

Both my sister AND me have peach fuzz on our faces--to the extreme . It literally looks like we have white beards. Shaving is not an option because a) I don't want to do it... READ MORE

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Did you have a skin lip lift only? Or did you have a muscle hemming lip lift? Skin-only lip lifts do not have great longevity and often do not lift the lip enough. Also, do you have short/small teeth? Sometimes it may be related to the... READ COMMENT

I kind of felt this way initially, too. I don't know if I just became used to it, or the swelling went down making it look better, or if the tip actually dropped. I guess I'm okay with it now, but I was horrified at first, too. I think... READ COMMENT

And it's free for him to do that for you. Just email him and send your photos from various angles. READ COMMENT

You are already a very beautiful girl and your nose looks fine on you but if the job was done very skillfully, I believe your nose would look better and you would go from already beautiful to STUNNING and sophisticated on a way (not... READ COMMENT