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Yes, if the scalp donor hairs eventually become gray/white, the eyebrows also will do so. READ COMMENT

To see a lot of before and afters, I recommend that you visit my website ******* READ COMMENT

And what we know in medicine is always changing. Currently, FUE procedures constitute over 50% of our work, and this number increases quite dramatically every year. We have developed a system using a manual drill combined with the... READ COMMENT

These are valuable perspectives. I am in no way saying that FUE is not a good procedure - in fact, over the past 5 years, I have performed over 700 FUE procedures (along with over 2500 strip procedures), and FUE has become a bigger and... READ COMMENT

At this point, a revision procedure would be indicated. Please realize that these are difficult procedures to achieve good results with, but I do believe that done properly, you could have a very nice improvement. READ COMMENT