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Hi! I'm following this these too. Would love a copy of this info for my own piece of mind too! I'm a year out from open rhino and still swollen READ COMMENT

Just started reading your journey. I'm exactly on year out and went through the exact same emotions as you... But for MUCH longer. It's definitely been a tough ride. Still trying to accept and not hate myself. Your results are simply... READ COMMENT

You look great so far! I had open rhino a year ago and looked as swollen as you are now 4 months later. Clearly your surgeon is very skilled! Looking forward to your updates. READ COMMENT

You are so beautiful! I had rhinoplasty exactly one year ago by a reputable and well respected ENT surgeon. He has pages of positive testimonials too, so, I honestly thought I could not possibly end up regretting my decision. Well, I... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for posting this. I feel the EXACT same way about my nose job. I desperately wish my nose bridge had never been "corrected", I don't know how I let myself be talked into the change. It's 100% not me. I hate the person... READ COMMENT