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Had this tattoo that I got kinda during a rough period of my life. Never really liked it much or finished it. Decided I was ready to get rid of it. PicoSure worked wonders. My doctor treated the second treatment with the Deep FX laser after the Picosure to help avoid the painful blisters. It... READ MORE

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I know how we can obsess about our tattoo removal process, don't trip about it, it just looks like a light tattoo and does not look bad at all, giving it a break may be good for your body, the light skin is not necessarily permanent... READ COMMENT

Looking great, keep at it buddy! READ COMMENT

Ya i've tried the q switch, i think theyre all about the same. my doc injects numbing stuff into my arm all over before the procedure, thats the most painful part, and then the lasers arent so bad after that. It's healing great,... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much :) READ COMMENT

Yes all with picosure, most also added a second laser which i forget what it was called to get a deeper layer of skin and then accupulse on top to put little holes in the skin to prevent blistering and supposedly smooth out the skin READ COMMENT