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The fact is, Lynn, your favorite surgeon is a victim of his own arrogance and conceit. This big stain on his reputation will no doubt linger on page one of Google for a very long time. And in my mind, it is something he more than... READ COMMENT

Kim Novack is a poster child for "why not to do fat grafting". Melanie Griffin, I agree, the way her face pulls in all the wrong directions when she smiles. That is the WORST THING about fat graft, the horrible scary smile and weird... READ COMMENT

I believe this response is typical of a narcissistic individual who mistakenly believes that the "public at large" are being "deceived" as a result of Seattle's review, even though the "public at large" really could not give less of a... READ COMMENT

Lovenlife, it is so clear that for $30,000 this is really bad! You have no idea what Seattle went through. I know you don't empathize with her, whereas I do. At least you are honest enough to admit it. You need to know that there are SO... READ COMMENT