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Chin Lipo but Concerned About Compression Garment

I had lipo to chin and jowels 6 days ago. I see some results, but not what I'd hoped, although my doctor did not promise fantastic results...just "some" improvement.I also had Active FX at the same time, hoping this would help with tightening over time. Still waiting for skin to... READ MORE

Crescent Lift and Silicone Implants Boosted Post Baby Boobs (With Photos of Stitches)

I was told I didn't need a lift if I did large enough implants, but I did NOT want large breasts, just firm and back up where they once were before breast feeding. So I opted for a crescent lift which is a crescent shape of skin removed above the areola and 325cc silicone. Result was pretty... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Tummy...ouch - Newport Beach, CA

At 47, I am not really overweight, I am 5'8" and weigh 133. (I could benefit from losing about 8 pounds I think). But I've gotten soft and pudgy around the abdomen, love handles and some back fat. I decided to try coolsculpting in Newport Beach, Ca with a plan to do the abdomen (large... READ MORE

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3 years later (first under muscle- hated it, then replaced over muscle- subglandular, way better!) I have to say, if you need a lift, you need a lift! I tried larger implants thinking that if they were large enough they would be full... READ COMMENT

Lynn, you are allowed to have an opinion. Saying that you don't believe Teresa and that she is a liar in NOT AN OPINION. It's an insult and slander. Get your terms right. An opinion would be: looks great, or looks like your doctor... READ COMMENT

Could you clarify what exactly you had done? A quicklift is a facelift that uses 2 sutures under the skin to tighten muscle. Is that what you had? I'm just curious as to whether you had a minifacelift, lifestyle lift, or quicklift... READ COMMENT

Update: I hated my implants pictured above under the muscle. You can absolutely go from under muscle to over! I just did it 14 days ago and am SOOOO happy. 6 months ago I had silicone implants submuscular (325CC). A couple issues: My... READ COMMENT

I waited a long time after nursing... 8 years. But I have an update to my story.... 14 days ago I redid my breast augmentation changing from submuscular to subglandular and am SOOOO happy. 6 months ago I had silicone implants... READ COMMENT