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Is there a minimum age for undergoing breast lift surgery?

I am 23 and my breasts are sagging. Almost all the reviews I read about breast lift surgery were by women who had 2-3 children. So I want to know if there is any minimum age... READ MORE

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Hey there good to hear about your experiences. So is your hernia completely cured? I guess your doctor removed that with the surgery right right. It's always a good thing to do. And since you are having it along with your TT you will be... READ COMMENT

All the best dear. I hope your nose comes out as you want it to be. It must have been a long wait to be 18 so that you can finally work on your nose. Here in Canada the age limit is 15 so you could have done it 3 years before. Anyway... READ COMMENT

Good to know that you are recovering well. Recovering after a tummy tuck surgery is a tough job, nice to see that you are coming through. I suggest you don't do any hard work until you feel perfectly fine. Because by some case if the... READ COMMENT

Make your mother understand that getting a cosmetic surgery is not a big thing now. It is pretty common and usual. Also rhinoplasty isn't done now for just the purpose of looking good. It is done to get relief from breathing troubles.... READ COMMENT

You guess may be probably right, there is no other reason to have halos and glare after a LASIK surgery. Maybe the flap was displaced at some point when you hadn't noticed. I feel bad that you had to go through all these trouble.... READ COMMENT