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What is the best way to stop grinding my teeth and repair the damage done so far? Night guard did not work. Thank you.

I have ground my teeth so far down. I was considering veneers, however there is no point, if I can't stop it. READ MORE

Should I expect any complications with having a full TT, and incontinence issues?

I have had 9 pregnancies. The first at at young age it has destroyed my body. My question is, Will having a full tummy tuck with lipo. Increase the slight urinary incontinence?... READ MORE

How soon can you fly after surgery?

How soon can you fly after BA, and full tummy tuck? I have a trip ti Florida, planned for march? Thank you. READ MORE

What is the surgical if any difference between a Breat lift, and a full wide Breast Lift?

My sister was told that a full wide breast is needed from at a consult. She is narrower that me in the chest width and from what she is telling me, she is not getting the best... READ MORE

For a Mommy Makeover, Is it standard for surgeons to charge more than one facility fee?

If your having example breast lift with tummy tuck at the same time? I understand if I was to do separately. But the idea of a money make over is more at once. I thought. READ MORE

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Sent you a message. I am looking at next week or the following. READ COMMENT

I am paying my deposit also. I will let you know when i here something. Mine is 5200. I need all the above then some.. i am so excited. i am hustling my but as well. My girls will be at their dads, so perfect time. READ COMMENT

I have, just got a couple of my ducks to get in a row. Because I was oringinally going In November, but I cant wait any longer. LOL READ COMMENT

I am going to Almonte waiting for date. Shooting for June. READ COMMENT