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What is the best way to stop grinding my teeth and repair the damage done so far? Night guard did not work. Thank you.

I have ground my teeth so far down. I was considering veneers, however there is no point, if I can't stop it. READ MORE

Should I expect any complications with having a full TT, and incontinence issues?

I have had 9 pregnancies. The first at at young age it has destroyed my body. My question is, Will having a full tummy tuck with lipo. Increase the slight urinary incontinence?... READ MORE

How soon can you fly after surgery?

How soon can you fly after BA, and full tummy tuck? I have a trip ti Florida, planned for march? Thank you. READ MORE

What is the surgical if any difference between a Breat lift, and a full wide Breast Lift?

My sister was told that a full wide breast is needed from at a consult. She is narrower that me in the chest width and from what she is telling me, she is not getting the best... READ MORE

For a Mommy Makeover, Is it standard for surgeons to charge more than one facility fee?

If your having example breast lift with tummy tuck at the same time? I understand if I was to do separately. But the idea of a money make over is more at once. I thought. READ MORE

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Add a quarter to half a fresh lemon to beet root and kale. It will taste so much better. Just an idea. READ COMMENT

It is easiest ihave found to get aa holdof her aassistant on whats app. just for another option of contact. READ COMMENT

Good morning everyone. I am wondering if anyone has stayed in New Life Recovery Home In the Dominican Republic? Please let me know your opinions, I am finally getting a tt, lipo, and bbl, from Dra. ALMONTE. I would appreciate any... READ COMMENT

I am waiting for Leslie to get back to me with that. I am so excited.. Do you know where you will be? READ COMMENT