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I would give anything if I could go back and never have implants put in. I'm not a person that is showy, so the numbness I have had since getting my implants 2 yrs. ago is definately not worth big boobs. I would say I have about 1/3 numbness on my entire boob and also my nipples. Not a good... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Take the Plunge at 58! Houston, TX

My stomach has been bothering me for about 5 yrs. It got worse after menopause, then I have a back injury and couldn't exercise for almost a year, so now I've decided to go ahead and have a TT and some lipo. I won't lie, I'm really nervous about it. I am going to a dr. that is 12 hours away... READ MORE

Questions from cindig

Numbness After Breast Augmentation

I've had my implants for 1 year and 8 months. I have 350cc's saline under the muscle, put through the areola. I still have a lot of numbness and both of my nipples have... READ MORE

What Sub-nasal Lip Lift Gives the Best Results?

Which lip lift gives best results, the one where they cut under the nose and take out some skin, or the one where they use nylon threads with the incisions being in the nose... READ MORE

Skin Excision As Alternative to Tummy Tuck?

Is there anyway to just have your skin removed instead of a Tummy tuck that involves the muscles? I know a Tummy tuck would be the preferred way to go, but I don't have the... READ MORE

Is it wise to change the dosage of my hypothyroidism medication before surgery?

I am planning to have a tummy tuck in Oct. I have hypothyroidism and am on medicine. Mt thyroid was checked last Oct and my TSH was 1.25. I just had it rechecked and it's 3.5 .... READ MORE

Tummy tuck recovery. Do doctors want you to walk bent over because of the pain? Could it cause damage?

I realize that when you have a tummy tuck you walk bent over because of the pain, but do doctors want you to walk that way because you could do damage for a certain length of time? READ MORE

Is Celebrex alright to take up to and after a tummy tuck surgery?

With my BA the doctor wanted me to take Celebrex during my recovery. Will it also be safe after a tummy tuck? READ MORE

Where will by birthmark be?

I'm having a tummy tuck in Dec. I have a birth mark that is on my belly button and some of it is in my belly button. Where will it be after my tummy tuck? Thanks! READ MORE

I have a vascular birthmark on belly button. Where will it be there after a tummy tuck surgery? (photos)

Here is a picture of my belly button. What are your opinions on where it will end up after my tummy tuck? Part of it goes into my belly button. Thanks! READ MORE

Why are there so many different opinions of the use of Celebrex before and after surgery?

Why are there so many different opinions of the use of Celebrex before and after surgery? It can't be a gray issue, either it causes bleeding or it doesn't. Why can't all dr's... READ MORE

Cool sculpting vs liposuction?

With liposuction an area can be sculpted, how does the cool sculpting work as far as sculpting? Sounds like just wherever you pinch the fat, that is the area treated. I would... READ MORE

Doing planks after tummy tuck.

How long do I need to wait to do planks to strengthen my abs after a tummy tuck? READ MORE

Necrosis repair. There is extreme hardness aroudn the scar. What exactly is it?

I had a necrosis after my tummy tuck surgery in Dec. I have an appointment to have it repaired in October. I'm curious how that is done. There is extreme hardness around the... READ MORE

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Can I hide my tummy tuck?

If I have a tummy tuck 2.5 weeks before Thanksgiving do you think I could hide the fact that I got a tummy tuck when being around my family? READ MORE

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You sound like me. We are both about the same po and I still have some pain, mainly on the right side. I would never again go so far to have surgery. I can't go for any follow up appointments with questions without spending a fortune... READ COMMENT

How is your wound looking these days since your revision? READ COMMENT

Oh gee, that is suppose to say glad not gladiator!!! Guess I should proof read!!!! READ COMMENT

So happy for you, it looks great!! Hopefully this is the end of all your problems!!! READ COMMENT

I totally relate to everything you are experiencing. Around my wound it's very hard. I massage on it often, doesn't seem to be helping though. The same with my incision scar, it's lumpy. I'm going back around Oct or Nov to have mine... READ COMMENT