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You are correct about different frequencies having different effects. I have tried 3 different frequency machines with the venus freeze (multi polar & dual wave form) being the best ( and a good operator). i mention operator as I had 3... READ COMMENT

I have recently had Venus freeze a multi frequencey version of thermage. I panicked after the first treatment as my facial skin lifted & my neck didn't seem to match. I've now had 4 face & 2 neck treatments. Nearly hugged my therapist,... READ COMMENT

You look great and natural but that was really pricey! READ COMMENT

You look refreshed but not overdone (ie surprised) & I don't understand why a brow lift was recommended. great result but too pricey for me. READ COMMENT

Girls, please try compresses of horsetail or any vulnerary verb.make a tea, if u can drink it but definitely soak muslin & apply. your already young & gorgeous, they can reduce with less radical methods, thats what google is for! also... READ COMMENT