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Would like to know what features of a male nose do women find sexy? (photo)

As a male I am naturally able to talk about female face/nose and almost get it right, but my opinion on male face/nose seems to be disagreed upon by females. So I preferably... READ MORE

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Pre-op pics pls. also, its too early to comment on ur rhinoplasty as the full results will only be visible after 6 months of the procedure. READ COMMENT

Sorry for this late comment, ur daughter is also cute like u. READ COMMENT

U surely look god with that new nose than the old ones. in your preop pics, it appears that ur chin is not protruding enough, but post op, it does fit your face since ur nose is smaller now. overall, u look beautiful and i dont think u... READ COMMENT

Also, the nasal sidewall seems to be at an upward angle towards your nasal tip, so this is giving out your nostrils more than required. READ COMMENT

Pls post more pics of yourself, esp sideways, to allow better judge your columella reduction. Also, i think its too early to judge the asymmetry of your nostrils. From my experience the swelling would come down anytime between 3 weeks... READ COMMENT