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First appointment for removal Germany

Hello to all, I had B/A 5 years ago, with 300cc silicone under muscle, and from 34AA, i am 32B(US)/32C(UK). I lost 80% of my nipple and breast sensitivity after B/A (although i can feel the pinch of a niddle). I am very depressed, i believe that intimacy of my sex life has been decreased and i'm... READ MORE

Questions from vilenas

How can I reverse pinched tip? (photo)

I had one surgery 3 years ago, and i had a second one (at the hospital with local anaisthesia) 2 years ago. i'm very disapointed with the result, i made a terrible mistake (i... READ MORE

Can repetitive injections with fillers in the nose give permanent collagen?

3 years ago i had a second rhinoplasty (with other doctor,on nose tip) for narrow my nose, but unfortunately narrowed more than i wanted. I visited again first doctor and he... READ MORE

Nipple sensation after implants and breastfeeding

I had a B/A 5 years ago, and i lost the sexual stimulation on my nipples / breast , although i have epidermal sensation. I also still have erection in cold, or pinch, and i can... READ MORE

Candidate for breast or muscle deformation? (photo)

I have 5 years, 300cc implants, and i'm thinking of a removal. I had very small breast (65 EU), and my breastplate has a "downward" deviation in right side.My P/S said that's... READ MORE

Will i need a lift in my left breast after permanent removal? (Photo)

My left implant, i think sits higher than right and has some muscle distortion. If i remove them, you think i will need a lift? I was pre-augmentation 32AA size. READ MORE

Removal of (Big) implants? (Photo)

I have 5 years 300cc mentor silicone medium profile implants,and I'm thinking of permanent removal. I was similar to this girl pre B/A , and next picture is now. I have 2... READ MORE

What happens to my natural breast tissue during the procedure of Breast Augmentation?

I would like to know, what happens to my natural breast tissue during the procedure of B/A, and while i have them in place.Do implants destroy or "eat" my natural tissue? And... READ MORE

Sign of possible puckering or adhesion after removal? (Photo)

I would like to tell me if something in these photos ,especially animation deformity, is a sign of possible puckering or adhession after removal of my 6yrs old cohesive mentor... READ MORE

How can I realize / test how much breast tissue is mine when I have breast implants?

How can i realize/test how much breast tissue is mine when i have breast implants?With what movements or "pinch tests"? After removal of breast implants this tissue that i... READ MORE

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For how long and how big implants did you have? READ COMMENT

Did you have a breast lift also? READ COMMENT

I was like a boy before READ COMMENT

How close to your pre B/A size and shape you think you are? READ COMMENT