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Anon101010 Did u measure ur lips after lip lift or not yet ? READ COMMENT

Yea i asked him and he said 10000 lip lift i did .. And he is doing endonasal lip lift .. The stiches inside the nose not a stright line under the nose . READ COMMENT

Iam really worried .. I wish everything will be fine .. Time is running... Iam 7 months pregnant .. To months more and i will do it . READ COMMENT

U want the truth i didnt see any pictures . But as i know he is good doctor in my country and he has experience in usa for 23 years .. And when he saw my before picture i mean before rhinoplasty he said ur lips before was more prettier... READ COMMENT

Thats why i dont know until now how much i have to cut !? My doc said 6 ml or 5 and my space measured 1.5 cm so i feel i need to cut 5 ml and keep 1 cm only ... Help me ladies ... READ COMMENT