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You look amazing. We're u the first one with Cabral? I am going to him in December and I want to be his first patient of the day. READ COMMENT

Omg, u look amazing. I'm going in Dec. To Cabral, he is truly the king of barbies. READ COMMENT

Omg, looks painful. I am praying for you. Hope you get better soon. I c you mentioned it wasn't an infection however, was it something that the doctor did? I would love to know because I too wanted to go to Dr. Cabral. I'm so scared... READ COMMENT

Hi hun, u look amazing. I am thinking about going to Contreras. Can I have his contact info please. READ COMMENT

Wow, you look amazing. Can I have Dr. Contreras contact info? My friend had a tummy tuck about 6 years ago with a doctor who wasn't popular, and she still look amazing. READ COMMENT