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Implants on Mammogram show problems, is it a leak? Report says probable saline leak. (photo)

My Saline implants are 18 years old Gah !! Now, they have issues. Naturally, my right breast was bigger then my left breast (see breast tissue in pics). So, my left implant has... READ MORE

Had consultation for my old implants and have procedure and cost question?

Hi :) I am 38 yo and have 18 year old saline implants with some Capsular Contracture. They need replacing. I am told I need capsules removed, internal bra lifting and lollipop... READ MORE

Implant Replacement, Lift and Capsule Removal. Question about symmetry?

Thank you so much in advance for your time! My left breast is smaller then my right. 18 years ago I got saline implants (always been happy with them) and Dr. had to fill the... READ MORE

Saline again or Cohesive Gel?

Thank you in advance for your time! I have always had Saline for safety reasons (I have 17/18 year old implants that now need replacing). But, I know the new Gel are much safer... READ MORE

Is it normal for a Dr. to drain your old saline implants 2 weeks before surgery?

Hello. I will be going in in February to replace my very old saline implants which now have some hardening issues. I think I will also need capsules removed and I am getting a... READ MORE

Worried about T Junction open wound/holes with implants? Scared about implant exposure or needing explant (Photo)

HELP..3 weeks since lift with small T and new implants (400cc mpp saline) under muscle, dual plane. (implants were 18 yrs old with slight CC). I am 39, overweight but healthy,... READ MORE

Could T Junction Wound Separation ever be the Doctor's fault? (photo)

I had a lift dual plane with implant exchange - 400cc saline. I have large T junction wound separations. I am under great care, taking antibiotics just in case and doing wet to... READ MORE