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I have lost approximately 75 lbs over ten months from 230-165 and remained steady the only thing standing in my way is approximately 15 lbs of stomach fat that goes down below my pubic area. I'm 5"6 and after two children I literally haven't seen my waist line in about 10 years. I'm covered... READ MORE

I'm now officially a Osak doll on the other side of bootyland.....watch out world here I come !

It's official I've paid my deposit and am going with Dr.Hasan in Miami lord willing. I know what I want to look like but I don't know how to express it to him in medical terms. What's the maximum number of Cc's that can be injected per cheek? And how do I describe the projection I'm seeking ?... READ MORE

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I've lost 75 lbs in 10 months 230-165 the only thing in my way is 15 lbs of stomach fat that goes down below my pubic area?

How do I start the insurance and medical process for my desired procedure ? I'm covered under Medicaid which will pay for my PANNICULECTOMY but I have no idea where to start... READ MORE

Is Atrial Fibrillation/TIA a contraindication for a BBL? (Photo)

I have a history of A-Fib/TIA which are stable but have planned a BBL before these incidents occurred. Otherwise I am and have always been healthy. I am in shape, exercise and... READ MORE

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Anyone approved through Medicaid?

I know that financing is not an option for me due to my credit situation, I am covered under Medicaid and I am wondering has anyone had success with Medicaid covering their... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 2 Kids, TT, BBL, Lipo...possible Almonte Doll

I am planning on getting an TT along with lipo and BBL from Dr.Almonte. Has anyone had all of these procedures done at once? I am really excited for the prospects of finally... READ MORE

Potential Almonte Doll...TT,Lipo,BBL

I am actively searching for an Doctor to get my BBL,TT and Lipo. I am in the market for an BBL, TT an Lipo. I have my heart set on going in April or March 2015 if anyone wants... READ MORE

Will the dr complete FMLA/Disability forms

For those of you who work do you all know if the surgeon will complete FMLA/ disability forms prior to surgery ? I can't afford to lose my job and I know they don't just let me... READ MORE

Vanity Miami....May/June my schedule is flex looking for SX buddy

Hi for anyone going to Vanity either in May or June 2015 I amlooking for a surgery buddy. This isn't necessary to split cost but just for support because I have no one and... READ MORE

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Thanks ! I'm considering a round 2 but most def I'm going for a tummy tuck in the late winter/early spring . READ COMMENT

My booty looks the same and I hate it !!! I have no projection....I feel like I wasted time and money READ COMMENT

I'm in the exact same boat, I'm very unhappy with my results and in one week post op READ COMMENT

I can't tell from the pictures , it appears your stomach has gone down a lot READ COMMENT