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Need to Get a Feminie Shape - Dominican Republic, DO

I am a mother of 3 kids, I come on here practically every day hoping to some day look as beautiful and curvy as you guys who has done the procedure. I am 5" 5", 147.5 pounds, I only want to get liposuction and BBL, I am afraid of getting a TT, I cant stand to see that scar being across my lower... READ MORE

My Wish Pics and pre op -Dominican Republic, DO

Ok well I'm adding my wish body photos and I also added a photo of me, I think for 3 kids I do look good but I want to look Gorgeous, turn heads because I would be sexy lol, I hope this all works out for what I am imagining it to be. Again I am 5"5" and weight 147.5 I am looking to get Lipo and... READ MORE

Questions from someday soon

Am I a good candidate for lipo + BBL or do I need to gain weight (no TT wanted)? (photos)

I'm 5"5" 147.5 pounds 3 children, I have a small firm and a narrow butt, no hips, I want a >< shape waist and a heart shape butt not big just natural looking with little hip. READ MORE

When getting a tummy tuck, do all scars have to come from one side to the next?

It is so discouraging to see that long scar, because I want a flatter tighter stomach, but I do not by any means want that long scar from one side of my abdomen to the next,... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Navel surgery to reconstruct my navel to be flat or in instead of poking out? (Photo)

I have been wanting to change the shape of my navel/belly button, I don't care about the stretch marks or a tummy tuck, can this be done? READ MORE