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I Received an Email from Surgeon- Can I Ever Look Normal Again After Rib Grafts and Spreaders. Who is the Best Surgeon for This?

I have to get grafts and spreaders along bridge in my nose.Used from Rib. I have a v deformity. Twisted columella. One small & 1 huge nostril. Hump on top right of my... READ MORE

Is Dr Shah from Chicago a Good Surgeon for Rib Cartilage Revision Rhino Please? Thanks

I can't take scam.I need to know if Dr Shah is as good as his reviews as there has been no photographic evidence. Please please help us patients get it right. My life is ruined... READ MORE

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I am interested in a complex revision rhino with Dr Shah

I am desperately needing my nose fixed. It's ruining my life, happiness and confidence.  I had an email back from Dr Shah today but I dont know what it means. It says'... READ MORE

Could Dr Anil Shah Patients please please come forward. Put us researchers out our misery please

I have read on this forum from around 2009 about shah. Searching his name from around page 38-46 that Shahs positive posts are fake. Has this been proven false? He so is the... READ MORE

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Thanks for the pics. I think you look great. New hair cut, your face looks like the swelling has eventually gone down. So you look slimmer. I can definitely still see swelling in the tip of the nose. But i think you look really handsome... READ COMMENT

Sush can you please put more pics up so we can see if there are any differences that maybe you aint noticing yourself as you look at your face everyday. i really like dr shah and thought he was the one. him or grigoryants. so im... READ COMMENT

Hi sush. can you please post more up to date pics so we can see the difference since you lasted posted pics. I have spoken to a uk surgeon and he said a difficult nose that needs a lot of work is realistically going to be swollen for... READ COMMENT

Thank you. I will have a look. :( I am getting really down with all this now. x READ COMMENT