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Yes I agree Janey...and I am not unsympathetic. I have lived her life and speak from experience, it's just that I am much older so I am speaking from my experience from the perspective of looking back. I still suffer and I continue to... READ COMMENT

It is obvious you are a beautiful girl. People don't see you as you see yourself because you are so focused on your perceived flaws. I do not see one wrinkle on your skin and u certainly do not look old.I am not trying to minimize your... READ COMMENT

You are the best judge as pictures don't do u justice. I can only compare to your original photos and unfortunately I am unable to see that much of a difference. In fact it is so deceiving that your BEFORE pictures look a bit better.... READ COMMENT

Oh thank you Victoria, that helps a lot. READ COMMENT

Thank you for all the info you have reported to us. Can u pls tell us the difference btwn excision and subcision? READ COMMENT