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The results from dermarolling can take up to a year. Did your doctor tell u that u would see results so fast? Just keep doing it regularly and be patient. owndoc site will give you all the information u need to know about dermarolling. READ COMMENT

Yes, that is what I had,Fraxel did not harm me but it did not do me any good either so it was a waste of time and money. But please take note that I have ice pick scars not rolling so I cannot speak to those type of scars.... READ COMMENT

Since u r familiar with Sarah's site you know how complicated it can get trying to personalize treatment for yourself. It really is trial and error to some degree but I have found all her products to be superior so u r utilizing the... READ COMMENT

I have the same machine and needles from ***link removed*** Used consistently and following the directions they give you you will definitely see results. When using the machine u will barely feel it but u must start with less depth and... READ COMMENT

Newrunner...I was also confused by your last seemed u were criticizing cveroleyva...I had to reread it three times b4 realizing u were supporting her. U need to be more specific as to who u r addressing. READ COMMENT