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Bullhorn Lip lift redo question?

Can you have a skin only liplift revision after a muscle lifting was done. I thought the muscle lifting would last but it dropped completely after a year. I also have permanent... READ MORE

Muscle lifting liplift asymmetry?

If your lip lift left you with the center of your philtrum columns pulled to one side can that be revised? The space between my two top teeth is right below the right philtrum... READ MORE

Lymphatic Damage from muscle hemming lip lift. Would a lip reduction be possible?

When I had my lip lift, the muscles and nerves of my upper lip were damaged. My upper lip is long, puffy and flaccid and hangs below my teeth. I want to get a lip reduction to... READ MORE

I am unable to pronounce since I had a lip lift. It's been over a year, do you think this will go away?

Speech therapy after lip lift. Hello, there are certain letters that I am unable to pronounce since I had a lip lift. The type of lip lift that I had was the type where... READ MORE