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What are the pros/cons of waiting out less than satisfactory juvederm results under the eyes? How does this impact skin laxity?

I had juvederm injected in my tear trough area 16 days ago. The left eye is a bit swollen but ok. The right is lumpy, swollen and asymmetrical, as the juvederm moved further up... READ MORE

What questions should I ask to identify a qualified doctor to inject Hyaluronidase in lower lid area (for over filled Juvederm)?

I'm seeking a physician to inject Hyaluronidase in the lower lid area, in order to address over filled Juvederm. I've found that most Oculoplastic surgeons leave injections to... READ MORE

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I'm so sorry you had this experience! I've read many posts from people who have noticed their skin improving over time with hyaluronidase. I'll try to find them and send you the links. I know what its like to feel like your skin is... READ COMMENT

Wow, 6 years and it didn't dissolve at all? For some it seems to dissolve within a 18 months or so. I wonder why this isn't the case for everyone. I'm in the same boat except I'm 6 months in and trying to wait it out a little more... READ COMMENT

Congratulations on the great results! Did you have Juvederm or Juvederm Ultra removed? READ COMMENT

If the infection is unrelated to the juvederm procedure, then you likely had it before the injection and the doctor should have noticed it. Doesn't make sense to me but I'm not a medical professional. Hang in there Sats! The most... READ COMMENT

Sats, also it's great to hear the doctor discovered the infection first. Hyaluronidase is a spreading agent and can therefore make your infection much worse. It sounds like your doctor is on top of things, which is great. I know it's... READ COMMENT