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Approximately how much would it cost me for a forehead reduction or hair grafting? (photo)

Hi, my name is Kenneth, and I'm a 17 year old male with a very big forehead. The growth on the left side of my forehead including where my side burns grow, are stunted. I it... READ MORE

I've hear of double eyelid surgery. But can you do that with a wrinkle hollow eye? (photo)

Or can you transfer extra skin to my eye lid? My eye lids are related to raisins, that's who wrinkly they are, can I reduce it to a two fold eye lid or maybe even a chinky... READ MORE

I have really bad hyper pigmentation. What treatment would EFFECTIVELY get rid of this? (photo)

My neck and my forehead are 6 shades darker than my face. I'm just ugly- period! It annoys me when attractive people worry about a little bump on there nose- ONE thing about... READ MORE

I've heard about credit. But is it possible to take out a loan of money for ANY purpose and pay for it monthly WITHOUT interest?

I'm only 17 and I can't afford 18,000 dollars worth of surgeries. So I need a stretch out plan to make payments easier to manage. I need alar base reduction and tip refinement.... READ MORE

Are there any good doctors who can perform Rhinoplasty in Philadelphia or New Jersey? (Photo)

I have a huge nose, with a hanging columnella and wide alar bases and wide tip. I want to know if there are any GOOD plastic surgeons located near Philadelphia or anywhere... READ MORE

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Based on the pictures, what should I get done first. Every thing about my face is equally ugly. But still tell me. Which one?

I've been called ugly all my life since I was a kid. I can see if I was ugly in a normal way. But every thing about my face is freaking over sized and exaggerated. I have other... READ MORE