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Perlane Never Again-Going to Obliterate This Crap from my Face Using Sauna, Microcurrent, and Lymphstar Pro - Royal Oak, MI

Suffice it to say I no longer look human in certain lighting. My cheeks were pumped sideways across my face with too much Perlane, exposing old Perlane that was formerly in my NLF. product does not seem to resorb in me. I have read about hyaurolondaise- not doing it. I am posting this to let... READ MORE

Questions from Wantmyfaceback

Does being overfilled mean a longer time to resorption/ resolution? (photo)

I was drastically overfilled with Perlane in the NLFs, pushing my right cheek halfway across my face and creating huge lumpy bags of skin alongside my mouth. It's been two... READ MORE

Can collagen stimulation from injections cause Perlane wads of skin on face to become permanent?

I have read the summary of Dr.Voorhees' study regarding Restylane injections stimulating more collagen growth. My question is this: Having been drastically overfilled in a very... READ MORE

Clinical experience - how long for built up filler to fully disappear?

I've had Perlane injections done 4 times in the past 6 years. It built up. Recently, my derm emptied a full syringe in me (always used half before). Face is now completely... READ MORE

Can Someone Guarantee Me this Will go Away?

I really need reassurance that this horrible filler will go away. I've read questions on here from people who say they still have filler years later. The dermatologist injected... READ MORE

Where can I get an ultrasound to find out if I still have filler in my face?

I want to get an ultrasound done on my face to find out how much of my filler is still in me, and where. This will help me find out if I hold filler for longer than two years,... READ MORE

What is the maximum amount of time filler (Perlane) can stay in the face?

Aesthetics-challenged dermatologist sprayed it in a big thick circle around my mouth, and high up along the side of my nose, making me look like a chimpanzee. It seems to be... READ MORE

Limited time frame for hyaluronidase to work?

I saw a dermatologist that told me her manufacturer's rep for hyaluronidase told her it must be used within 3 months of hyauloronic acid injection for the hyaluronidase to work... READ MORE

Does Restylane/Perlane slowly disappear clinically, or all at once due to isovolemic degradation?

My board certified (ex) dermatologist must be a heroin addict because that's the level of expertise that was used in shooting up my face. I went from pretty to deformed in 30... READ MORE

She injected .5 cm beneath the skin. Am I doomed to a lengthy recovery?

The board certified dermatologist injected Perlane in the most hideous way possible (turning my naturally smiley, pretty face to one that looks downturned, with a mess of what... READ MORE

What happens if collagen replaces the Perlane?

I was shot horribly- my NLFs pushed halfway up my nose. New natural ones have formed where they are supposed to be. What will happen if collagen replaces the Perlane in the... READ MORE

Should I get my filler cut out?

In October, a board certified dermatologist put filler in my face in a way that is deforming. It has been five months, and I see no progress in this Perlane's degradation. A... READ MORE

How long will it take to get normal facial proportions back after Perlane injections? (photo)

My ex-dermatologist (board certified D.O.) injected one syringe of Perlane into my face 6 months ago, and as of two days ago, this is what I look like as a result of her... READ MORE

6 months post op. How long will it take for the perlane to melt? (Photo)

I went to a board certified dermatologist who injected me in the most heinous way possible with Perlane. I'm at six and a half months right now. Is there any way to know how... READ MORE

Is there any hope I can break down this Perlane by 12 months if there is no histological change from baseline 8 months in?

A prominent world renowned hospital is tracking my progress via ultrasound in breaking down horribly injected Perlane. The baseline was taken at four months after injections,... READ MORE

What is the cumulative effect of Perlane in regard to longevity?

I have had Perlane injections four times in the past seven years, all done by the same board certified dermatologist. The latest time was a disaster, and I'm still waiting for... READ MORE

Will I recover suddenly or gradually on Perlane? (photos)

I had a board certified dermatologist that I used to trust inject me with Perlane on October 8, 2013, nine and a half months ago tomorrow. She injected almost a full syringe... READ MORE

Can a Perlane mustache ever flatten back out? (photo)

Board certified dermatologist did this to me 9.5 months ago tomorrow. No signs of improvement so far. Will it ever go away? Please, don't any doctor do this to your patients!!... READ MORE

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Jill, I've been reading through my profile today, and someone named Jennifer Sacramento has left multiple harassing messages. Is it possible for you to remove all of her messages and block her from my profile? She appears to be angry at... READ COMMENT

Dermatologist doesn't do photos. I had asked her once why she doesn't do before & afters, but she shrugged it off. It is very hard to post the really bad photos. I realize it would be helpful for some others to see them, but this seems... READ COMMENT

Everyone is clear that I don't claim to have any biofilm infection or any other systemic problem due to HA, right? I have moronically placed HA implants from an idiot injector. The Perlane did what it is intended to do, which is form an... READ COMMENT

Kane, seriously??? You think you know why this happened to her? If you understand English, you can use grammar to understand this happened TO her and she did not DO this. (Passive vs. active verb tenses). Victims should never bear the... READ COMMENT

Thank you, Jill. I don't know why that person was hyperfocusing on the notion that I have a 170 IQ. If I did, I'd invent a cure for Perlane! lol READ COMMENT