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I got round high profile silicone and I went under. They do feel natural! Love them!! READ COMMENT

Glad to hear someone else refer to the freaky feeling when working out!! Can't get used to that yuk! But worth it! I also agree 32DDD impossible to find anything. I actually could go a lil bigger but impossible to find and the 34's are... READ COMMENT

No 2 people have the same experience. That was just mine I was sharing. Also the fact I went up 4 cup sizes. It was all still worth it. Debplace5 wanted to know what we really felt like. Those were the comments that helped me the most... READ COMMENT

Hey girlie I had mine done 12/5/13, I'm 5'4" and 56kg started out a 32b and I am now a lil bigger than a 32DDD as that's the biggest I can find in 32. I got 545CC and I went through the whole, I should have gone bigger thing. But I was... READ COMMENT

Hey girl I just got mine done 12-5-13 and I woke up in a world of pain and nausea, it was so bad! I cried as soon as my eyes opened! It was worse than I had prepared myself for! I tryed to power through it, within a few days I was... READ COMMENT