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I already have a back tattoo I love - Tattoo Regret - United Kingdom, GB

This summer I volunteered in an orphanage in south africa. I already have a back tattoo I love so before I even went i'd planned on getting a commemorative tattoo. Anyways when I came back one of my friends who is a tattoo artist (which I havent spoken to since because I dont have the heart to... READ MORE

How to Treat Keloid Scarring? - Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

Hey, I suffer from 2 keloid scars which I'm hoping to get some advice for. I had a microdermal piercing in my chest for a few months before a keloid developed, after getting the jewellery removed the site had a minor infection which left a keloid scar. Its small but obvious in the middle of my... READ MORE

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The smell was from the dead flesh on top of my tattoo. It was removed by a nurse and thoroughly washed with an antiseptic wash and bandaged up. Its now healed quite nicely. READ COMMENT

Its really not as bad as I thought! Went to the drop in centre and a nurse completley soaked my wound with an antiseptic wash and the top layer of skin which was red/black came away to reveal healthy healed skin underneath. No infection... READ COMMENT

They recomended i went to the doctors. Sitting here now embarrassed with the smell of my leg! God this has not been a good laser session/heal. READ COMMENT

Yeah well I emailed the laser clinic over some photos and a description tonight. Regardless of their reply i'm at a family meal tomorow midday afterwards I'm heading to the local health drop in centre. Im guessing they'll prescribe some... READ COMMENT

I was with a non perfumed soap and sometimes an antiseptic TSP wash. Then I put Aloe gel on and air for a bit before covering with vasline then a sterile gauze fixed with loose zinc oxide tape x READ COMMENT