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Tummy Tuck Nightmare - Greer, SC

I went through the full TT with the thought of having a flat stomach after my surgery. I have a bulge up top and after seeing another PS for a second opinion he says my abdominal wall was not tightened (or at least not tight enough). My stomach is flat down low and big up top. Worse than before.... READ MORE

Questions from Sunshine0325

I'm 8 months post op from a full Tummy Tuck. Will my stomach go down more or is this my final result? I have a bulge up top

The buldge makes my results not worth it. I still have to hold my stomach in in order to see how flat it could be. I have considered smart lipo but I'm having bad muscle spasms... READ MORE

I had full TT done but got second opinion due to bulge up top. PS says ab wall was not tightened. Will exercise flatten it out?

Full TT done 8/2013 not happy Eith results. Upper belly is big and pokes out. Got a second opinion and PS says abdominal wall was not tightened. Wil exercise flatten this... READ MORE

Would liposuction help enhance my full TT even though my abdominal muscles were not tightened as they should have been.

I had a full tt done August 2013. However, I'm unhappy with my results. Basically, I have a bulge up top. my stomach looks full all the time. I've been to two different PS for... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical procedure to help flatten tummy?

I had a full TT 8/5/13. Results not good stomach still looks full unless I'm holding it in. I've had 2 opinions and was told lipo may help and other ps told me I would have to... READ MORE

I had full TT 8/5/13. I've had muscle spasms in my abdomen every since. PS doesn't know why. Any suggestions?

I had full TT 8/5/13. I've had muscle spasms in my abdomen every since. PS doesn't know why. I went to my OB for a check up. I asked him if he could help and of course he said... READ MORE

Any PS in Greenville upstate area that helps with patients that have already had a full Tummy Tuck done but having muscle spasm?

I had a full TT done 8/2013 but have had muscle spasms every since. I have the spasms mainly when in a relax state like lying in bed, watching tv, and riding or driving. PS has... READ MORE

I had a full Tummy Tuck 8/2013 and I'm still getting muscle spasms.

I had a full TT 8/2013 and I'm still getting muscle spasms. Typically when I'm in relax mode for ex. driving, riding, lying in bed, or watching tv is when the spasms kick in.... READ MORE

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I had a full TT and breast reduction done 8/5/13. I MUST say the breast reduction was the best thing ever! I don't even have to wear a bra. On the other hand, my TT didn't come out as I thought. I envisioned a flat stomach and it's FAR... READ COMMENT

I understand your pain. I had a full TT 8/5/13 and I'm the same way. I have to hold my stomach in all the time. otherwise, it pokes out. The only improvement I can see if that I don't have a roll, it's smooth. I also get muscle spasms... READ COMMENT

Quick question. When you had lipo on your tummy did you ps say anything about your abdominal wall muscles being separated. Just to refresh you I had the TT done and I'm not satisfied so I wanted to go with smart lipo but I've had two ps... READ COMMENT

Yes I've seen people with smart lipo and their results look better than mine. They had less down time, better results, and less money. READ COMMENT

Nani2014 I put up 2 new pics today. Take a look and see what you think. READ COMMENT