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Saline. HP. Unders. 380cc & 420cc. BA 1/16. No more itty bitty titty. =)

I will be going in for breast augmentation in about 3 weeks! i wont lie, i am very nervous and the closer i get the more and more i question it. I wonder how i will feel once they are done and the feel. How will i adjust to this? It wont feel like my normal breast now. How will my partner... READ MORE

Questions from SyllPop

High Profile or Moderate Plus? (photo)

Hey everyone! I was set on moderate plus based on photos i have seen online. But also was considering High profile. My consult is in a few days. Just want opinions. Not sure... READ MORE

What should be used for bloating/constipation after BA surgery?

I have noticed that many women have extremely horrible bloating and constipation after their breast augmentation. What medicine or over the counter medication can be used to... READ MORE

Is it possible my saline implant are leaking? (photo)

I am post op 2 weeks today. saline, under muscle, crease incision. my right breast is 380cc my left breast is 420cc My right breast has been quite swollen compared to the left... READ MORE

Is it normal to have one breast softer than the other and a different size, 3 weeks after Breast Augmentation? (photos)

One breast higher than other, but the breast higher is more soft. i am 3 weeks out. Saline, 380cc (right) 420cc (left), Hp, under muscle. I noticed that my right has been... READ MORE

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I am currently a 34D at 380 and 420cc. i measured one month post op. I am 115 pounds. READ COMMENT

I had mine done with dr mel last month! hes a great ps!!! funny witty and very educated! READ COMMENT

What clinic are you going to??? And what surgeon? I bought button down shirt and a jean jacket and shorts and capris. I didn't bother bringing any bras bc they give u one. Bring straws, arnica if u bought it, ice packs that u can pop... READ COMMENT

Ps. i am a D (for now) but dont look a D. so it all depends. try on sizers at the clinic! READ COMMENT

When it comes to size, do not go by what anyone says unless its your ps!! i learned that the hard way!! everyones results are different. some gals with 320cc end up being DDD and while some end up being a D. it depends on your tissue... READ COMMENT