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Edit I meant to say uncomfortable with him. READ COMMENT

Totally agree with patient 1969. My daughter consulted with him a couple years ago. We were going to have him do revision. He basically said my daughter would not even need cast on nose that it was so minimal. Honestly my daughter or... READ COMMENT

So sorry for your horrible experience. Bottom line is that Dr. Gunter hand picked Dr. Cochran to take over his practice. If you look at Dr. C credentials, he is not board certified in american academy reconstructive surgery. With that... READ COMMENT

Dr Davis all the way. Consulted with Cochran and was not impressed. Thank god we didn't go to him. He doesn't have same credentials as Dr Davis or the artistic ability or his years of experience. READ COMMENT

Juanacampana… Interesting, you say you had a "small revision" but another (assuming also a specialist) would not work on you????? Sounds kind of fishy to me at best….HMMMMMMM READ COMMENT