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Round, short nose after Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi. I have rhynoplasty 5mounts ago and I very scared because I looke very badly.Maybe some doctors tell how fix previos rhynoplasty mistaxes if I do revision rhynoplasty. READ MORE

Is it possible to fix a bad nose job after the first surgery? I wanna more accurate shape nose...What I can expect? (photo)

Hi,Before the surgery my nose tip go up,nose tip long but don't narrow. I have thick, oily nose skin.The nose is shaped like a triangle.My only desire was to narrow the nose.... READ MORE

Revision nose job for flat, short, around bulbous tip? Maybe some dr knows how to fix it? (photo)

After first nose rhynoplasty I have flat,short,round and bulbous tip.My dr do poor nose tip job.I wanna find really good dr ho can fix it.Maybe some dr knows how to fix it? READ MORE

Best surgeon for Revision nose surgery?

Hello Doktors .I have nose rhynoplasty now my nose short and round.One dr say my nose Complecaited nose.So i need exsperience dr for revision nose job.Will be good to find dr... READ MORE

Nose round and little too short after first surgery: What can be done to fix it?

Hello dear Doctors.I have one surgery 9 mounts ago and I don't like result because nose very bulbous ,round and maybe a bit too short.Ore possible makes my nose looks better?... READ MORE

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Too short nose and columella?

Hi my nose be shortened in lateral cartilage and in columela cartilage.Now nose looks too short and nostrills flat its because now columella too short.Ore its can be fix?SORRY... READ MORE

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Yes his do alot ethnic noses and all his patients very happy.I think his good understand obout ethnic noses and dont make to diferent changes.Good luck:) READ COMMENT

Sorry but your nose looks good and fit your face! Small nose on you i think dont looks good! I know i dont change your mind...Dr Boheme have good results here on Rs. READ COMMENT

Hi im very sorry for you.Try look at Richard E Davis and Frankel Md.Botch revision rhynoplasty specialist with about 18 years exsperience.Boch have on Realself , Makemeheal forum good rewievs. READ COMMENT

Your swelling go away nose looks beter and beter.I verylike READ COMMENT

Good luck for you tomorrow READ COMMENT