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What can I do regarding my nasal bridge and tip if nose? (photo)

I have a wide, high nasal bridge and don't like the tip if my nose. How would I be able to correct my high, wide bridge? Also, for the area above the bridge, can that be... READ MORE

I have a high radix and nasal bridge. Would turbinate and adenoids surgery improve my breathing? (photo)

I feel like I have trouble breathing and have been told by an ENT dr that I have a narrow nose and that removing my adenoids and turbinates will help breathing. I remember he... READ MORE

Will be doing septorhinoplasty but have different Dr opinions (Photo)

Which to choose for surgery.I'm 37yo. All different advice. 1st one Want adenoid removed reduce turbinates need septo Cadaver cartilage graft-interval valve open nose surgery.... READ MORE

Is this saddle nose? (Photo)

Is this a saddle or scoop nose?PS says because of past septoplasty,I might not have enough cartilage so wants use cadaver rib cartilage and I don't have longterm childcare so... READ MORE

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I wanted to ask you, how did you tell your family/friends? My mom does not believe in surgery for this is so I'm kinda nervous to tell her. I was thinking about telling her after I have it done but not sure if that's a good idea. READ COMMENT

Aww thank you! Your new hair color looks great! READ COMMENT

Congrats! Can't wait to see more pics. I was suppose to have my surgery that day too but I had rescheduled because I didn't have the full amount. Reading your story's is getting me more excited for mine. READ COMMENT

Hi, I was reading the part were you sat nothing was done to your radix. Did you and Dr.G talk about your radix? I'm curious because I do want my radix reduced and wondering of Dr.G will be able to do it. Thanks! Your nose looks great ! READ COMMENT

Thanks! I'm going for a consultation in February. I really wish it was sooner though. I can't wait. I was going to get my nose done with another doctor but after seeing so many good reviews about Dr. grigoriyants I want to meet with him... READ COMMENT