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No Guts, No Glory....long Wait to Becoming a Real Woman. - Australia, AU

Hi ladies, I'm a 35 yo, mother of two boys. I've never had boobs and I've had enough of it.... I'm 170cm tall and 65kg. I am Sooooo excited to get this done. I'm obsessed actually with all boobs at the moment. I probably fit a 10 or 12 a, but I always wear a padded booster d cup..So I look like... READ MORE

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If surgeon and I don't agree on size, do I have the rights to go against him or her? (photo)

If I wanted 450 and the surgeon recommend 340 at the most, do I have the rights to go against him or her. Insist on getting what I want, or are most surgeons set in . So they... READ MORE

If my breasts measure 14 cm each in width, how wide an implant can I have?

Do surgeons go a specific measurement less, I.e 1cm, or not really important? Can you go wider than the current breast measurement? If so how much? Also if I have a measurement... READ MORE

Is it okay to lay on back after surgery?

Is it ok to lay on your back after surgery, then day 2, etc. It's Sooooo much more comfortable, but in hospital I had to lay at 45 degrees or more no less. Why is this so? Is... READ MORE

Scar crease line up too high? (photo)

I had surgery thirteen days ago. I am worried that my crease lines are sitting up too high. Is this normal this early? Back for my second check up next Thursday. READ MORE

Right boob, scars too high or bottoming out? (photo)

I've always noticed my right boob is lower than my left and I'm not symmetrical at all. My right nipple had always been bigger and the breast itself. But I've noticed I've... READ MORE

420cc under the muscle textured, attached between ribs? (photos)

I've had 420cc under the muscle textured, yes they have dropped and I need a re surgery. I have no fascia to attach too.My surgeon wants to go top of muscle, attach them to... READ MORE

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Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone out there has had a ba over the cc amount recommended by there surgeon?

I'm 35 years old and 170cm and 65kg. I'm also an Aussie, can you tell? I've been flat as a board my whole life and finally have the nerve to become a woman. I've had two... READ MORE

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I'm dying to see them.. lol.... I've tried to upload some, but it never works at the moment. Yes it's good news do fat, the left boob looks rather scary but....I'll try posting some xxx READ COMMENT

Thanks for that. Went and saw my surgeon yesterday, he's Sooooo happy thus time he said. Got the tape off...yay.....but more tape on.....stiches still in also...he really Tammy rants the boobs to scar up high veggie he removes that one... READ COMMENT

Yes I totally agree with you, makes you wonder why... but hopefully we will be better than ever before afterwards mate... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your comments, yes I'm Sooooo devastated, but life could be Sooooo much worse..... I just hope and pray that this works...please surely after spending roughly 17 grand Australian money....ahhh...I'm not well off at all and... READ COMMENT

Thanks mate, he said the scar would be longer, but as far as I can see it's exactly the same.... if not shorter... but so far I'm stressing, because it looks so wrong...but I've been assured it's a temporary thing and the stitch that is... READ COMMENT