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Juvaderm Ultra Plus in Cheeks. East Pittsburgh, PA

I had a total of 1.5 cc in each cheek over a 3-week period. I have a really thin face and I don't think it made much difference. But I now have really dark areas all around my right eye that I didn't have before. Ended up with eye pain and tingling on R side of face. Probably won't do this... READ MORE

Didn't Last 3 Months! - Allison Park, PA

I had 1.5 cc of Juvaderm in each cheek. In my opinion it was misplaced because my cheeks still were pretty flat after the swelling went down. 2 days ago I had Juvaderm in my pre-jowls now I have a square jawline I don't want. Two different board certified specialists did the injections. Not... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait??????????

I had Juvederm in cheeks in Oct. 2014 after waiting 4 months for an appointment. I called prior to the appointment to ask about Belotero and was told to come in for a consultation the next day!! The day of the Juvederm, after that was done, I asked about the Belotero and was told "not today". ... READ MORE

Weeks of Pain for No Result - Allison Park, PA

Ok so I had .5 cc of Juvederm in each cheek. For the last 7 weeks I have had one sided eye pain, jaw pain, shooting nerve pain up my head. Do my cheeks look fuller - no! Does my PS know what happened - no! I have spent beautiful summer days on the couch in so much pain for nothing. I just... READ MORE

Facial Pain from Injection - Allison Park, PA

I am 10 weeks post perlane injection (.5 ml) to each cheek. My BC dermatologist injected soooooo deeply as Perlane was new to him. I was left with nerve irritation which has gotten a bit better, eye pain, and pain in my cheekbone which he said are bruises caused by the injection. If I wasn't... READ MORE

Questions from Summer girl 13

Should Restaylane be injected directly under a wrinkle in the nasolabial fold or slightly above?

Mine was injected slightly above and I still have a wrinkle there although it is somewhat diminished. Also the product was placed above the wrinkle at the corner of my mouth,... READ MORE

Can Juvederm be used in the cheek holllows?

I have flattened hollow cheeks from illness and weight loss. I'm afraid if I enhance my cheek bones then my under eye lines will look worse. I just would like to add some... READ MORE

Is it ok to get Voluma in cheeks within 2 months of having Juvederm Ultra Plus in cheeks?

I just had Juvederm Ultra Plus in my cheeks to give some fullness. I could use more. I came across a great deal on Voluma that expires the end of the year. Is it a good idea to... READ MORE

Can side effects from Juvaderm Ultra in cheek show up 6-10 days post injection?

I had 1 cc in each cheek on 10/31. Everything was fine. I had an additional .5 cc in each cheek on 11/21. No bruising or swelling. On 11/27 I woke up with a swollen face. 3... READ MORE

Red burning rash 2 months post Juvederm. Could this be from Juvederm?

I had 1 cc of Juvederm Ultra in each pre jowl succulous on Jan 20, 2015. Twice since then I have had flare ups small lumpy red burning skin rash in those areas. Could this be... READ MORE

Is it safe to get Perlane or Juvederm one day before IV chemotherapy?

I am scheduled to have fillers - probably 2 syringes - a day before my IV chemo and am worried that the chemo will cause too much swelling of the filler. Thank you very much... READ MORE

Can 1/2 cc of Perlane in each cheek cause one side of face to have jaw pain, pain above eye, and eye irritation?

11 days ago I had perlane for the first time, .5 cc in each cheek. My right side is sore but no swelling, redness, or bruising. No fever. However, my right eye is painful... READ MORE

What are the symptoms of damage to the infraorbital nerve?

I had .5 cc of Perlane in each cheek almost 3 weeks ago. That night the right side of my face was very painful. I returned to the doctor after 2 weeks, board cert.... READ MORE

Can filler to cheek cause pain behind eye?

I had .5 cc of Perlane injected into cheek. That night I felt like I got hit in the face with a brick and punched in the eye. The doctor said he may have hit a blood vessel or... READ MORE

Treatment for periosteal bruises from Perlane injection?

I have 2 periosteal bruises on my R cheek from Perlane injections. Any advice on how to speed up healing or decrease swelling would be very much appreciated. The only advice my... READ MORE

What is the safest treatment for facial wrinkles and volume loss if I am on Herceptin/Perjeta every 3 weeks for MBC?

I am permitted to have fillers per my oncologist. Ultherapy, Sculptra, CO2 laser, and a mini lift all have been suggested to me. The IV meds I am on cause me to bruise easily... READ MORE

Is it safe to have smokers lines filled (not lips) after a recent bout with trigeminal neuralgia that has cleared up?

I had a consult for fillers for smokers lines and the doctor would not do Restaylane Silk for smokers lines after I said I had TN caused by fillers about 4 months ago. Since... READ MORE

Will trigeminal neuralgia caused by poor injection technique ever go away?

My BC dermatologist injected .5 cc Perlane so deeply in my right cheek that it can't be seen. I immediately felt like I was hit in the face with a brick. I was then diagnosed... READ MORE

What are the odds of developing trigeminal neuralgia from a dental block and cheek filler?

I developed trigeminal neuralgia after having a dental block which numbed me up to my cheek, and cheek filler .5 cc Perlane. I still have swelling 6 months post and I have... READ MORE

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Hi Chanel11, thanks for the update and information. I have a neurologist appt. in 2 weeks and am anxious to go. I had canceled one in Sept. and am sorry I did, but I was feeling better then. I actually still have a swollen area in... READ COMMENT

I actually have another appt. tomorrow for someone to look at my problem. It did go away for about a month and then came back. yes, the pain has kept me from enjoying life, too. I pray for healing for us. READ COMMENT

You are lucky that your doctor admitted somethig was wrong. Mine denied doing me any harm and wrote in my chart "the problem is resolved." 5 months later I am still suffering. READ COMMENT

How much Juvederm was put in your cheek? You might just still be experiencing swelling. Good luck a your appointment. There are many highly rated plastic surgeons in your area. You can search for them on this site. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your detailed review! You look great!!! READ COMMENT