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Breast Implant and Lift/ Upper Eye Lid -Atlanta, GA

After reading comments from real self woman, which gave me lots iof encouragnent and helpful tips i. decided to have the surgery . I had the surgery Dec 20, after the surgery, was very drowsy and had a sore throat from the Anastasia , my ps said not to use ice on breast, but said to use ice... READ MORE

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What is the best cream for the scars?

I had upper eye lid surgery, what are the different creams to help with the scar? READ MORE

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Your breast look beautiful, i dont see what you are refering to. But its all about what you see and happy with. READ COMMENT

You have a beautiful waste, you will love your new breast, i had implant and lift Dec 2013 and i love them,i had a very easy recover, im still hestitant on lifting weight over 20 lb even though my dr said i cod, i cant wait to see... READ COMMENT

Hi, how are you feeling? Hope everything is healing well with you. My eyes have healed well a little bit of a scar, my implants are beautiful, the scar is there but definatley worth the look, READ COMMENT

Hi figure girl, just eondering how you are doing, have you started working out at full strengh? Or do you still have limitation, Im at my 9 weeks, the only upper body workout i can do is 5 lb weights, i dont even have the clearence to... READ COMMENT

You do good, my ps stressed that with implant you dhould massage at least once a day in the shower, i try to do quick massage 2-3 x a day. After that if you feel they get hard and stay hard then my ps eill need to puf me on medication... READ COMMENT