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The Start of my Invisalign Journey! - Yuba City, CA

Hello guys, ever since before I even started my Invisalign process, I've been on this website, reading through each and every review I could find, and it has helped me tremendously, which is why I've decided to make my own! I'll start off by saying that I've always known my teeth were a "little"... READ MORE

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What should I do if my invisalign attachments broke or if they were never placed fully in the first place?

Hi, I got my first set of trays and attachments on on thursday, oct 31st. I didnt notice that two of my attachments on the front teeth in the top row are not completely there.... READ MORE

Will your jaw ever move back to the original position after getting braces/invisalign and elastics off?

I know there are retainers to keep your teeth from moving after your braces/invisalign treatment, but what keeps your jaws from moving back after you wear the elastics? Can... READ MORE

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Sorry for the late reply, It wasn't that often that it happened, just when I opened my mouth too wide, so I just waited to see if it would happen with the next tray and it didn't! READ COMMENT

Good eye haha yes, those are definitely supposed to be moving forward! Yes I know, but I looked at tray 20, and they are already super straight! Now the only thing I'm worried about is having the black triangles on my bottom front teeth! READ COMMENT

Ah that sucks! Just give your office a call and they can glue it back on for you! (You probably already did, I'm so late haha). Did you doctor tell you to take them off while using acceledent or just yor person choice? READ COMMENT

Just for that tray! Although these past few trays I'm on have been weird, one day one tooth would be sore, the next day a different tooth! READ COMMENT