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Have any of you traveled to have your surgery alone?

Hi, everyone. My story is so much like so many of yours, and the stories and photos you've shared here have really helped me come to terms with what I have to do for myself.... READ MORE

Post-op massage technique?

Hi. I'm 1 month post-explant. My ps told me to massage very gently twice daily. But I'm not sure how to do it. Concentric circles? The whole breast or just around the... READ MORE

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There's a member of RealSelf named sbella who had the same surgery/surgeon that I did. She has photos up that are a little over 4 months out, which is where I am, and she looks a lot like I do. The only real difference is that my scars... READ COMMENT

Internal lift means that the tissue is rearranged/repositioned/reattached, etc. I think it only works if you have a good amount of tissue to begin with, which I did, and also if your implants and capsules come out cleanly and easily,... READ COMMENT

I'm in my 50s, but I'm slim and fit. My doctor does an "internal" lift when he does the explant. I wouldn't say that I'm as lifted as I'd really like to be, but it's not bad. I'm four months post-op now. For me, the biggest... READ COMMENT

Hi. Dr. M doesn't have a website, but his office phone number is: (972) 966-7755. Best of luck. :) READ COMMENT