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Does my crooked smile have anything to do with the way the tip of the nose sways to the right with my smile?

I would like to correct my crooked tip. I've never had any nasal trauma but my bridge is off center and the right side of my nose is collapsing in. Ryan gosling also had a... READ MORE

Is finesse rhinoplasty less expensive then normal rhinoplasty?

I'm looking for very subtle changes for my rhinoplasty. Fixing my hanging columnella, and my tip asymmetry. I also have a deviated septum and was wondering if costs are... READ MORE

will they straighten the bridge of my nose?

I've never broken my nose but my nasal bridge is a very off center. are they able to straighten my nasal bridge even though I have never broken It? READ MORE

Is the Cutera coolglide laser safe for blue veins under the eyes?

I've found the only place in Vancouver that offers treatment for blue veins under the eyes. She uses the Cutera coolglide laser. Are there any complications i should be worried... READ MORE

Should I see someone who specializes/has lip reduction as one of their options or should I see board certified plastic surgeon?

Should i see someone who specializes/has lip reduction as one of their options or should i see boardified plastic surgeon who says they can do it because its not a complicated... READ MORE

Can lip reduction change the way you smile?

I would like to get very minimal reduction on both upper and lower lips. What I am worried about is whether my smile will change a lot because of this procedure. Like will the... READ MORE

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Does changing the shape of your nose change your personality?

I'm not talking about a self esteem boost. I'm talking about facial reading and if someone with a roman nose is given something completely opposite. Does his unique... READ MORE

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Oh and did the doctor say something like he would break or chisel the bone of the nose and move it so it's more symmetrical? Both the my surgeons said they would do that but I wasn't sure if they just meant they would use a camouflage... READ COMMENT

Oh! I haven't had my surgery yet! I saw Dr Warren in Vancouver after 1 year wait list. Was very impressed with him but i'm still on the fence about having just the septoplasty which fixes breathing or having cosmetic work done. If you... READ COMMENT

Haha oh man sorry, saw the doctor's name. Best of luck Karthik. Yes, keep updating! READ COMMENT

Looks good Nicki! Keep on posting! Glad the recovery went well READ COMMENT

Hi Sandeep. I'm so glad i came upon your post. I've been on real self looking for noses like mine for a very long time. I am East Indian as well and my nose is also deviated, to the left, and have a tip that sways to the right. This... READ COMMENT