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Retin a and peels caused my skin to look like yours. Additionally I ended up with more clogged pores to deal with. It was never beneficial, only more damage. I haven't read one case that some one has said that orange peeled skin got... READ COMMENT

So glad this is working for you!! Just curious how old you are? I think younger people have a better chance at healing of course but not ready to rule myself out yet:) READ COMMENT

I'm not familiar with Jillian's workout. And bummed to hear that dry brushing isn't the answer, some people swear by it. My guess is that a person needs to develop enough muscle to fill out the skin in order to get rid of cellulite,... READ COMMENT

I've been doing CFF for almost a year and look a year older IMO. No improvements whatsoever and have done them as she prescribes. I wrote to her and sent pictures, she added some things in in addition to the regular routine which I... READ COMMENT

I can see a difference. I bet it's going to be great once you complete all treatments. Please keep us updated!:) I'm 46 and similar in body type as you. I've been noticing changes in my legs so thought I'd go the squats, lunges, and... READ COMMENT