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Hi Isabel, Did you ever get the skin graphs done? Hopefully, your didn't have to get them. Wishing you well. READ COMMENT

Hi Joanned1960, I had my surgery in Vancouver many years ago like you. Initially, I just went to him to do the lower lids, but he told me that it would not look right if I didn't do the uppers as well. Really, it was a total botch... READ COMMENT

Hi Colleen: Yes, that would be great if we could change things for the better. Your doctor, by the sound of it, will never say that he had made a mistake. This, I think, is par for the course as far as doctors are concerned. It is... READ COMMENT

Citroen2cv: Thanks for your comment and good wishes. I did consult a lawyer, but was told that it is very difficult to sue because it is elective surgery. It also takes time and money. These doctors know that, too. It is a shame... READ COMMENT

Hi Colleen: The doctors are not going to tell you that they have made a mistake because they do not want to take responsibility for any mistake that has occurred. They will tell you that everything looks fine, but in the meantime,... READ COMMENT