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What do you think about acupuncture for the fullness of lips?

Why do you recommend fillers such as Juvederm and restylane when they both do not get very good reviews? Juvederm 68% Restylane 65%. Do we know for sure that those fillers will... READ MORE

How much Restalyne for my top lip? (photo)

I already have naturally full lips, but want the top too look a bit more plump, and definitely do not want to overdo it. I have noticed that women with injections have... READ MORE

Accutane and Hair Loss percentage. Would it be beneficial to take biotin for the hair while on accutane?

Is it true that the higher the dose of accutane at one time, may cause more harm then good? I heard it's better to do the full 6 months course by gradually increasing. Would it... READ MORE

Accutane and initial body break out?

Been on accutane for two weeks and experiencing back and chest acne. I know acne flares within the first couple of weeks yet, can it also be for the body as well? I am nervous... READ MORE

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Hey babes! Don't worry about the flare up it will subside and is part of the process. I had one with cysts on my chin, now on month 2 and week 1 I am getting flare up again on 80 mg but I expect everything to look up nearing my 3rd... READ COMMENT

I'm sure once you get it cleared from your job they should reimburse you. Even if you finish your course, keep your receipts! :)I went through covered Cali instead of through my job yet I'm sure yours is better since your already... READ COMMENT

Wow so much money!! Is it not covered by insurance? That is good she is being conscious about payment. My chin is being so stubborn. Grrrr. Well I hope your doing well. I see your skin is flattening, isn't it an amazing experience to... READ COMMENT

I'm wondering why do much alternating though? I'd see if your accumulative dose reaches 100-120mg and check your weight for it. Regardless what your doc says. I'm super skeptical as docs are all different with their protocol and I for... READ COMMENT

Also there are generic forms of Accutane that differ from the brand name as that is no longer available. The genetics differ in inactive ingredients and the chemical compounds that create the drug, Accutane was used in the first place... READ COMMENT