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Consultation for Aesthetic Impact of Jaw Surgery

I'm planning a jaw surgery for functional reasons and wanted a better understanding of the aesthetic implications. Dr Eppley gave me the unbiased answers I needed and more time than I paid for even without a procedure in mind. I can tell he's conservative and knowledgeable, trustworthy in other... READ MORE

Questions from yolopet

How do my son's ears look? (photo)

My son was born with a lop ear. Our Ped advised us not to splint at birth and he's 18mo old now. The Ear Buddies website says that they can still work up to 2yo. We took him to... READ MORE

Should I get jaw surgery? (photo)

I have an anterior open bite and a class 3 malocclusion. Others don't seem to notice either so I think they're relatively minor. However, I have ground down my rear teeth some... READ MORE

How long can I use Flonase?

I saw an ENT and he suggested I try Flonase 50mcg, 2 sprays/nostril 2/day until the next appointment in 2mo. I didn't think much of it but my dad (internist) cautioned that it... READ MORE

What is a safe long term dosage of Flonase?

I'm seeing an ENT for trouble nose breathing. He put me on antibiotics and asked me to use Flonase 50mcg 2x/nostril 2x/day (8 sprays/day) for ~2 months. Two pharmacists warned... READ MORE

What do other surgeons think of the tools and techniques used by Dr Hernandez Alfaro in orthognathic surgery?

I've seen Dr Fernandez Alfaro mentioned a few times in the forums but none from patients. Is he well known and respected, worth traveling to from the US? I'm curious what... READ MORE

What cosmetic procedures should I have done with an upcoming jaw surgery? (photos)

I'm looking at jaw surgery and have gotten varied opinions about what else to do to make it look good. I'll be getting a ~13mm double jaw advancement with counter clockwise... READ MORE

Are flat cheeks and orbital rim deficiency a risk factor for dry eyes?

I have slight deficiencies in my cheekbones and orbital rim. As a result, I'm mid-30s and am starting to show circles. I also have dry eyes. Would augmentation in these two... READ MORE

Why aren't Le Fort 3 procedures more common place in addressing mid face deficiency?

It seems like most people getting double jaw surgery are getting LeFort 1 procedures. The midface is typically recessed but left unaddressed or to be addressed with implants.... READ MORE

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Other suggestions are good. Another to consider is Dr Hernandez Alfaro in Spain. He offers a virtual consultation to start. READ COMMENT

Just curious - did you have jaw joint pain before surgery and how is it now? What prompted you to get surgery? You looked great before. Did you have a non-functional bite, TMJ, or sleep apnea? Hadn't heard of this disorder but it seems... READ COMMENT

TADS is just orthodontics really. They provide an anchor point that would otherwise be provided by headgear. They allow you to move teeth in the jaw but you won't change the jawlines itself. However, moving teeth can change the... READ COMMENT

TADS = "Temporary anchorage devices". They're modern day headgear, where a mini screw is inserted into the jaw bone to serve as an orthodontic anchor. I have a 1.5mm open bite so they can intrude my molars a bit and perhaps extrude my... READ COMMENT

I'm only 33 and those things seriously worry me too, not to mention a loss of perfectly good youth. I'm considering TADS and braces instead. Not an option for everyone but should work for me. READ COMMENT