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I am happy to help you however calling me is how I can help you best. There is more information and more details than typing will convey. Thank You, Theresa Judd READ COMMENT

I'm sorry that most of you on here are picking all the wrong people. I know so many great people in the industry because of my 14 years of doing this and attending conventions and furthering my education...but it seems as though none of... READ COMMENT

You can't judge the color used on someone else when trying to either pick a color for yourself or for someone else. There are many factors that go into color selection for a client and should not be left up to a non professional or... READ COMMENT

P.S Sorry for the misspelling...typing too fast. I have performed (not preformed) READ COMMENT

Maudie2..I don't know where to start to answer your questions as there are more questions I have for you in order to give you better information. However, I preformed many saline lightening/removal procedures and the healing and... READ COMMENT