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P.S With doing permanent cosmetics for a living I don't book my clients where there are people sitting and waiting...I only take 3 new procedures a day and schedule them so that one is not on top of the other..that way I have time to... READ COMMENT

Carolina, It isn't good to jump to conclusions. I own and run my own permanent make up business, clients call to book, cancel and re-schedule all the time. My book can change from empty to full and anywhere in between in a matter of an... READ COMMENT

I can't tell you how many stories just like yours Carolina lady I have heard over the last 14 years of being a permanent cosmetics artist. Time after time after time. It is so important to do your homework...speak to authorities in this... READ COMMENT

Pain is temporary :-) Enjoy your full lip color! READ COMMENT

Sportster380 smart girl! Do your homework isn't all about the's about the quality of your technician/artist and the end result. A cheap deal isn't a good deal if your outcome is poor or less than satisfactory.... READ COMMENT