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I am not being a smart mouth, but honestly how easy did you think it was going to be to express your desires to someone who doesn't understand you language, translator or not? Communication is key! I will say that I think the eyebrows... READ COMMENT

Wallingle...I am by appointment only so if I have no appointments in the city or am working in NJ then I am not there....but and am allowed to be in Dr. Jaliman's NYC office Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays as booked. For further... READ COMMENT can call me to discuss. I do have an office in NYC, 5th Ave (bet 74 & 75) 201-970-3244 READ COMMENT

Wallingle...I am not sure to whom you are asking about pigment lightening/removal & permanent cosmetics in general. So on the possibility you are speaking to me I will answer...I have offices located in NYC (5th Ave bet 74 & 75) in the... READ COMMENT

Once the accidental gouge has healed use something called Mederma on it. You can buy it at CVS, RiteAid, Wallgreens, ect. It helps with scaring. Neosporine doesn't help with's an antibacterial ointment. Secondly just... READ COMMENT