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Picosure and Medlite on 3/4 Sleeve - Dallas, TX

I have decided to post my story after many nights reading posts on here. I am an attorney and about to attend medical school (I know!). I have a large and colorful 3/4 sleeve and another smaller tattoo on my chest. I have been getting lasered by a medlite C6 for about a year and just switched... READ MORE

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Sorry for the delay. I am going to post pics this week and start lasering again in a month or so. I took a long break. I moved and had some other things going on so I figured a break would be nice however it has continued to fade so I... READ COMMENT

The medlite didn't do much on the green. The pico sure knocked out the green fairly quickly. I did notice the red almost completely gone in two treatments with the medlite. I don't care for the medlite because I have scarring and it is... READ COMMENT

Thanks and good luck. It takes time, years in my case, but I can tell my tattoo will come completely off. I get depressed and aggravated too but the more it fades the better and more confident I feel. I have been working out hard, not... READ COMMENT

I haven't been lasered in about 6 months. I took a break but I need to post pics which I will try and do this week because it has continued to fade. I am about to make an appointment and start going again strong for another year or so.... READ COMMENT

Thanks. It's a process. Best advice I can give is don't give up. Staying mentally strong is the hardest part and It's easy to quit or get it covered up but if you give it enough time the tattoo will come off. READ COMMENT