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Could any surgeons please give me some information on who can perform bespoke jaw implants in England to widen a narrow face?

I have had a bi-lateral osteotomy to improve my bite and a sliding genioplasy to lengthen my face. Now my face looks very thin and narrow at the jaw line. I am female and am... READ MORE

I am female with very skinny lower legs. Would calf implants or fat transfer help?

I am embarrassed by the look of my thin legs. I know fat transfer or implant is possible and would like to find out more about these procedures. Could anyone advise me? I would... READ MORE

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Thanks for the update. They look great and I wish I could have what you don't want! You won't get any sympathy from me there!! I'm sure they will go down a bit by 3 months though. Glad you are feeling well. I'm still not sure about a... READ COMMENT

Hi Chelie. Glad to hear you are post surgery now and that all went as well as expected. Hope you do well and have a fast recovery. Keep strong and all the best, and keep posting - you're doing a brilliant job informing others. x READ COMMENT

Hi Beth, how are you? Have you lost any more fat would you say? READ COMMENT

Hi. But your before pics are after using the noogleberry which makes them look alot bigger doesn't it? I'd like to research your ps- could i have a name please, if you dont mind? I would also like to speak more about Sjogrens, are you... READ COMMENT

Sweetie - don't let these small minded idiots get to you. They are everywhere in life unfortunately, we can't avoid them. You just have to ignore their ignorance and fight on for your goal. you'll get there and we are all right... READ COMMENT