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Mary - you look wonderful! You should be so happy with your results. Good for you! Your hubby better look out! Those young boys at school are going to have a crush on their teacher! READ COMMENT

Maureen - your results are dramatic, and you look stunning! So happy for you! I had my surgery 9 weeks ago, and my kids still don't know! I will see them in a couple of months. If they don't say anything, neither will I. It is easy... READ COMMENT

Mary - the sensations are really weird, aren't they? Last night was the first night in a long time that it hurt to lay on my ears. I would say that I have 85% of the feeling back in my face and neck. I wouldn't say I am sore anywhere... READ COMMENT

Mary - Happy Anniversary to my 2-month surgery sister! You look beautiful - so natural and so happy! Isn't it nice to be at this stage in the process?? I am happy for you! READ COMMENT

Betty - you really do look wonderful! So glad your hubby came around. You are on the downhill side. Just relax and take it easy. Every day will get a little better! READ COMMENT