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Sorry to hear you are so tired. Sleeping while sitting up is the worst! I did best when I slept in the recliner. Hang in there! This too shall pass! READ COMMENT

Hi Maria - I took both the Bromelein and Arnica but didn't get good results from them. Everybody is different so you might respond well. As far as scar cream, my PS suggested the Prosil Silicone scar stick. You won't be using it... READ COMMENT

Mary - you look wonderful! You should be so happy with your results. Good for you! Your hubby better look out! Those young boys at school are going to have a crush on their teacher! READ COMMENT

Maureen - your results are dramatic, and you look stunning! So happy for you! I had my surgery 9 weeks ago, and my kids still don't know! I will see them in a couple of months. If they don't say anything, neither will I. It is easy... READ COMMENT

Mary - the sensations are really weird, aren't they? Last night was the first night in a long time that it hurt to lay on my ears. I would say that I have 85% of the feeling back in my face and neck. I wouldn't say I am sore anywhere... READ COMMENT